Improbable Guitar : The Darth Maul’s Gibson Les Maul

Crazy how things can run in your mind when you have this obsession for guitars… For example, a while ago I wondered: If fictional characters from movies were to play guitar, what model would they play?

I’ve already imagined the Parker Marty McFly… But as many of you guys, the kid I was during the 80s was mostly fascinated by the Star Wars saga. Obviously, when they released the second trilogy I was among the crowd to watch the movies. Though the character was kind of underused in The Phantom Menace, I was captivated by the Darth Maul character.

If Darth Maul played guitar to blast our ears with riffs from the dark side of the force I bet he would do it on a Gibson Les Maul of course!

The finish would be a sort of black & red tiger burst! The face of the dark side!! Obviously it would have a mandatory light-binding. The be the meanest weapon against those Jedis enemies it would have a pair of EMC pickups… Not EMG, nope! EMC i.e. Electronic Midi Chlorians pickups!! The Floyd Rose tremolo would be mandatory so that Darth Maul could bring his best elastic kung fu with dive bombs and acrobatic stuff!

However I guess someone really have to show him how to grab a guitar because we’re asking him to blast us with riffs, not with a piece of mahogany!!

Wouldn’t it be great to see an actual Gibson Les Maul? No? Really… Not even a little?

This post is of course released under the Complete Bullshit license from JC Frog!


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