Creative Guitar: Think Backward & Follow the Dots!

I’m not the one who says that… To be frank I’m not even sure that Steve Cropper really said it but that could be a useful tip for those who are trying to improve their creativity on the guitar.

Tip of the Month by Steve Cropper: Think Backward! And if you can’t think backward play the guitar licks backward! And if you don’t know how to do that, just “follow the dots”!

I am a huge fan of Steve Cropper’s work as a guitarist, songwriter and a producer. It is a shame that there are not that many videos about him on the web (nor articles in magazines)! When it comes to the less is more philosophy, I think that Steve Cropper is a model to follow.

I like how he tells the story behind both intros of 2 hits that he co-wrote: In The Midnight Hour by Wilson Pickett & Knock on Wood by Eddie Floyd. Funny! Despite the fact that I’ve been listening both songs for almost 2 decades, I’ve never heard the similarity before!


The image is from Performing Songwriter.

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