Guitar Pro 6 & Fretlight Guitar : Guitar Teaching Killer?

Muzicosphere’s reader Rems pointed me out to this news that I missed last week… Guitar Pro 6 is now Fretlight ready! Yep, from now on it is possible to connect the Fretlight Guitar to the computer and the Guitar Pro 6 tablature lights up the DELs on the fretboard of the guitar.

As Rems suggest it, and this is something I also thought about with the Rocksmith news: guitar teachers are going to have some very serious competition in the next months, and years! Let’s put things into perspective : the incredible amount of free guitar lessons on the internet didn’t kill the business of local guitar teachers so maybe this won’t be the worst thing for them. Au contraire, this could be a strong ally as a teaching tool! Why not after all… And this also work for Rocksmith!

Yet the same questions I was raising concerning the Ubisoft game are valid, and there is one more that Rocksmith didn’t raise: if I’m correct, the Fretlight guitar / Guitar Pro 6 Fretlight ready is a rig that can work on stage !!

Noooo… I hope I’ll never see this on stage !!


Find out more on Arobas Guitar Pro’s blog and on the Fretlight Guitar website.

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