Guitar Noize – Shred Master : Exercises & Studies [Ebook Review]

If you’re a guitar freak then you probably already know Guitar Noize. Jon Bloomer is running this guitar blog with passion, and commitment. Almost a year ago he said on twitter that he was planning to release an ebook which is now available. Jon invited me to download Shred Master: Exercises & Studies to check it out which I did.

If you are a regular reader of Muzicosphere, you probably figured out that my aim as a guitar player is far from becoming a shredder but I sometimes envy those guitarists with great technical skills on guitar. I never really studied guitar because I always focused on playing again, and again to make the music happen. Yet, from time to time I look for exercises especially to improve my left hand dexterity, and my right hand picking technique.

So it was great to receive that copy of Jon’s ebook because he focused on such technical exercises. To be more precise, he designed, scored & tabbed 25 original exercices to work many aspects of guitar playing. To illustrate the 25 music scores he recorded 25 high quality videos showing the fingering & picking.

What I liked so far:

  • The straight forward approach in the videos: no useless talk, just guitar!
  • 2-camera views to focus on the left hand or the right hand.
  • Each exercise is recorded at slow, and normal speed. Some exercises are also recorded at medium speed.
  • Each exercise focuses on a specific technique.
  • The exercises are manageable by beginners but are also great for the eternal medium level guitarist that I am.

Jon did a great job with this ebook that you can get for $12.99 which is a really affordable price considering the amount of work behind it. If you are interested in developping your technique, head toward Guitar Noize store to get the Shred Master: Exercises & Studies ebook plus its 25 videos. As for me all I gotta do now is working…

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