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My fellow American reader, you don’t know how we’ve been impacted by the American Dream… Or maybe you do. Of course, when you grow up you tend have some new perspective as you figure out that your backyard is not that bad after all. But, childhood memories are persistent, they leave a definitive imprint in your mind. I remember the first time I went to New York City (actually the last too, not for long hopefully). I was about 16, and I was that close to take a screwdriver to unscrew… No! Not the Statue of Liberty… I was dreaming about unscrewing some license plates. Yes, you’re reading well… These had this amazing power to make me dream when I was a teenager who use to spend so many hours watching American TV shows and movies!

Luckily, I didn’t do that ’cause it would have been so sad to end up at the Ozwald correctional facility… Duh! So, when I read this post on, childhood memories overflowed. Fake guitars made from US license plates… A nice invitation to an imaginary road trip using the guitar as a media.


These are made by Peter Geiger and you can see more of these on his website Somehow, this reminds me of these weird cigar-box or can guitars created by some broke musician somewhere around the world… Except their guitars make music. Funny and nice way to recycle a lot of objects instead of letting them rust in some scrap yard. I even wonder if Trussart or Loïc LePape could make real instruments out of these car plates… Route 66 collector kinda guitar. Well, actually I’m not sure that car plates have nice acoustic properties but why not give it a thought.

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