Guitar Guerilla in Libya

And I thought this photo was just a fake! But with the second picture shot by Agence France Presse photographer Aris Messinis there is no doubt! Anti-Qaddafi rebels rock big time! I’d never have thought that one could be ballsy enough to play guitar with bullets flying all around!

Don’t know if it is heroic or stupid but the man is like a purple cow in the middle of all these fighters firing their guns. I wonder what he was playing on the battlefield? Bullet With Butterfly Wings maybe?

I’m not a war partisan though I understand the combat of Libyans freedom fighters, and how it was necessary for them to act this way. Bono once said “Music can change the world because it can change people”. Let’s hope such a powerful yet paradoxical picture can change Libya for the best…

Maybe this fighting guitarist or this other Libyian rebel / rock guitarist Massoud Abu Assir will be the leaders of some exciting musical ventures in the future.  Just like  Tinariwen band founded by Touareg rebels who abandonned their weapons a long time ago to grab their guitars. Now they just play some exciting, and sensitive African blues music.

I don’t remember what was my initial point with this post… Maybe this was just to say that guitar can really be found everywhere?

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