Gperc : Percussive Guitar

I spotted this new kind of guitar on : Gperc. To be more accurate, it should described as a prototype of a percussive guitar.

The system is clever and shoud be interesting for a certain percussive folk scene (such as Andy McKee, Preston Reed, Erik Mongrain). If the Riedel brothers creators of the Gperc can easily transpose the system on an acoustic guitar, this should open new cool musical horizons. And I can’t think of a reason why the wouldn’t manage to do this…

Anyway, the percussion tones from the pad on the prototype are very convincing. More information on

Mission: Impossible on Gperc.


Presentation of the Gperc and some techniques that can be used on the guitar (it’s in French but you can still hear the tones of the Gperc).


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  1. When and where will the gperc be available?
    Expected cost for the acoustic version?

  2. Hi Tim… Unfortunately I have no news nor updates from the Gperc team !
    However, you may be interested in this alternative called The Guitar Drum which is designed for acoustic guitar.

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