Gperc & Acoustic Guitars : It Works !! [Video]

It works ! The Gperc for acoustic guitar works… And, in the video below Frédéric Riedel shows you that you don’t need to be a virtuoso to play the Gperc percussive guitar. Basic strumming technique is enough to add some percussion touch to your guitar playing.

However, the video is a proof of concept that Gperc works for acoustic guitars. But for the product to be viable, they need to develop an attachment system that leaves the guitar sound board intact. For that purpose, Gperc needs your help so I invite you to join and support the Gperc crowdfunding at Ulule.

The smallest level of contribution is €5 (i.e. $6.5) and believe you me… Each contribution matters a lot, even the smallest !


And for those who didn’t follow the Gperc story, here are the details about how Muzicosphere got involved in the Gperc project.

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