Google & Guitar : The Les Paul Doodle is Weird, Right?

Let’s not be grumpy… It is cool to see Les Paul trending on Twitter thanks to the Google Doodle du jour. Nice homage from Google to Les Paul who would have turn 96 today…

Yet, this doodle is kinda weird as noticed by @guitarnoize : “Have Google never seen a guitar?” or my other self on Guitar Fail : “Luckily Google doesn’t make guitars… Where the heck is the neck on that doodle?? Nice homage though…”

I think Google’s graphic designer were a little bit lazy on that one! By the way, this is funny because I’ve never checked the details on the doodle pictures… Funny to see it splitted that way!

Well, the graphic designers were lazy but the developers did a nice job… This doodle is a productivity killer because you can play the doodle… Here are a couple of doodle riffs that you can play with your keyboard (found on twitter):

  • Seven Nations Army – White Stripes : H-H-K-H-G-F-D
  • Oh When The Saints – Trad : QDFG QDFG D Q P O PPOK KP G GF QDFG P K O K
  • Smoke on the Water – Deep Purple : SFG SFHG SFG FS
  • Edit : I Heart Guitar simultaneously published a post on this topic – Rockin’ the Riffs on the Google Les Paul Tribute.

I’m telling ya… It’s a productivity killer… Feel free to share your doodle riffs if you will!

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  1. heu, je n’ai pas compris comment tu fais jouer le doodle ???

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