Google & Counterfeit Guitars

I love cheap guitars! I don’t care if they are just heavily or slightly modified copies of most famous guitars. Even though it could be qualified as plagiarism or counterfeit, it doesn’t bother me that much as long as the seller or the maker is honest enough to sell it for what it is! That’s a totally different story if he puts the logo of a prestigious brand (or uses the reputation of a quality brand) on the headstock in order to trick customers into a supposed good deal. In that case it is plain counterfeit made to cheat us! Nevertheless, people do what they want to do… I’ll never encourage nor blame someone who would walk that path!  Dura lex, Sem doesn’t care…

The one that bothers me much more is the “trustworthy” intermediary who spreads the word about these unscrupulous sellers. I know they would plead not guilty but I am talking about the self-proclaimed virtuous Google.  Do-what-I-say-Google has a long, and boring, and even longer set of rules, and recommendations made available to webmasters.  These could qualifiy as the SEO laws as Google said it should be! Beware you little webmaster because if you go out of the Google way then you won’t be allowed to reach the holy grail of the first page of search results. These rules don’t bother me that much but only if god Google himself does respect certain rules!

The surprise came to me yesterday while I was visiting a couple of guitar blogs that I like! The surprise is this very visible, and  ostentatious ad banner. I say surprise but it isn’t really one because I’ve already seen some ads for this website in the past…

Google... Do you really think I'm going to trust this?

Insanely cheap Chinese Gibson or Fender guitars (and other brands too)! Yum yum that’s almost gratis! Obviously I know these are plain counterfeit instruments, and so do most internauts I hope! Obviously, the concept of counterfeit has a variable definition either you’re in China or in Europe or North America. And last but not the least, part of this is just the result of  production relocation by most companies. I am not naive enough to discover counterfeit now, and believe you me it doesn’t even shock me. People do according to their own budget, and tastes! These guitar could be branded as Shmurtson or Ibender, and I would say: why not!?!?

You can’t imagine how I don’t give a crap that Do-What-I-Say-Google doesn’t respect the law, and encourage wrongdoing!!  But they are making revenue on such ads, they could potentially trick unaware consumers into wrongdoing, and  they jeopardize the credibility of the webmasters who trust Google as a trustworthy intermediary… I just want to say: Mr Google, charity begins at home! And I thought that earning trust meant that you were at least checking a little bit what you spread! Even though that means a little cut in your incomes…

That’s it… I guess I am naive! Speak your mind if you have something to say about this topic!

About Sem

I am the founder of Muzicosphere (that also exists in a French version). In 2011, I also created Guitar Fail, the Guitar LOL place to be. And before that I created GAS a GoGo, a gear giveaways blog in French.


  1. J’approuve.

    Et le détail marrant que vous trouverez chez le dealer cité plus haut (pas Google mais… choisissez une belle guitare au pif (allez hop un LP original 1957 à 320$ avec les piles) et regardez en bas à gauche du site pour trouver le nom du partenaire pour paiements sécurisés…

    Pas vu? allez l’adresse directe >
    (pas sûr que le nom soit très porteur pour le marché francophone 😉

  2. Clairement!! 🙂

  3. HAHAHA ! Avec ça, si les gens sont assez con pour se faire avoir (pardonnez-moi du terme).

  4. j’approuve.

    maintenant, un truc marrant sur le site de ce vendeur chinois – choisissez une guitare au pif (par exemple une LP original 1959 à 320$..) et regardez le nom du partenaire d’e_commerce en bas à gauche!

    A mon avis, le nom n’est pas très vendeur pour les sites francophones 😉 – >la division Europe…

  5. Bah alors François? On bégaie? 🙂

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