Godin Redline Nemesis : Godin Has its Heavy Guitar?

I like brands such as Godin Guitars because they often are where you are not expecting them… Old models such as the Godin Radiator or more recent guitars like the 5th Avenue series or the MultiOud hybrid looked more like experiments. Some were not commercial success, some were quite popular and some will just have a limited success due to there limited target.

Godin is not known as a player in the extreme music field though I can remember that Loudblast lead guitarist, and singer Stéphane Buriez used to play on a Godin LG. So they are not the Metal kind of brand,  yet they are taking their chances with the newest addition to the Godin Redline series : the Nemesis model. This guitar was unveiled at the Winter NAMM 2011, and I saw it at the Musikmesse but it’s only now that I see it on the Godin Guitars website.

The specs of the beast point out that this is a guitar for heavy music… Check this out :

  • Solid mahogany body with maple top
  • Rock Maple neck
  • Ergocut Rosewood Fingerboard (the ergocut is the shaping technique used by Godin for the guitar necks)
  • 24 super jumbo frets
  • 2 active EMG humbuckers. Neck: EMG-85. Bridge: EMG-81
  • 3-way toggle switch & 1x volume
  • Graphtech ResoMax Bridge

All this come in a black finish, and with a shape that is so far from being jazzy. Ok, I have to admit that regarding its shape, the Nemesis is not as aggressive as it could be. You can see it, and hear it a little in the Godin Guitars at Winter Namm 2011 video at about 5’40 but it is not enough to really know how it sounds!

As you may know, in Greek mythology Nemesis is the Goddess of Revenge… Does Godin have a revenge to take on the metalheads? So, what’s your bet on this? Godin has a its chance to become a player in the saturated Metal guitars market? What do you think about brands such as Godin Guitars?

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