Godin Guitars to Introduce the MultiOud

Spotted in a press release from Godin Guitars ahead of Los Angeles NAMM show in a couple of weeks from now. Godin will be there with several new guitars like the Godin Icon Type 3, the Richmond Empire, and the Progression USB (we’ll talk about this later) but the one that caught my attention is the Godin MultiOud.

They’ve finally achieved it! Several years ago they introduced the Glissentar which was a hybrid between a guitar & an oud. So it was rather obvious that one day or another Robert Godin would go for his own vision of the oud. That’s what the MultiOud from the Multiac series is! According to the few informations of the press release, this instrument is based on the traditional oud but it attempts to solve one major issue of the acoustic traditional oud which is amplification. They announce a system that doesn’t generate feedback, and easy to keep in tune. Even better it will be available with nylon strings or steel strings!

I can’t wait to know more… But until then here are 2 videos of this beautiful instrument! First the nylon version, and then the steel version

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9v8kupbbtYE[/youtube] [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sgz6OBpcpZA[/youtube]

Vu dans un communiqué de presse en amont du NAMM show de Los Angeles qui se tient bientôt et auquel Godin sera présent avec quelques nouveautés. En plus de la Godin Icon Type 3, de la Richmond Empire et de la Progression USB (on en reparlera plus tard) ce qui a retenu mon attention c’est le Godin MultiOud.

Enfin, ils y arrivent! Après avoir lancé le Glissentar, hybride entre une guitare et un oud, voilà le MultiOud qui rejoint la série Multiac! D’après les quelques spécifications du communiqué c’est un instrument véritablement basé sur le oud mais qui propose de résoudre le problème majeur de l’amplification du oud acoustique traditionnel. Ils promettent un système sans feedback et sans problèmes d’accordages. Mieux… Il sera disponible en version cordes nylon et cordes acier!

J’ai hâte d’en savoir plus… Mais en attendant voilà 2 vidéos de ce très bel instrument au passage! D’abord la version nylon puis la version acier!



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  1. This instrument sounds so good! It conjures up so many images in my mind. Makes me want to lock myself away for a month, get all psychedelic and record a 60 minute prog album!

  2. Hey, ça sonne pas mal surtout la nylon ! 🙂

  3. Awesome. Another fine instrument from Godin. Simply amazing. The theme song from Aladin is playing in my head now. Arabian nightss..just like Arabian dayss… LOL!

    Although i don’t even know how to play it, but it looks like it would be so much fun to noodle on it. ..:)

  4. Read my detailed review of this amazing instrument


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