Demo of the Goldtop Gibson Les Paul Slash by Nellio

Here is a presentation of my favorite guitar these days : Gibson Les Paul Goldtop Slash 2008. This model was released last year, and it has the main features of the Custom Shop Les Paul Slash.

To sum up, this is a Goldtop Les Paul slightly modified:

  • Unchambered Solid Body : this is not the case of all the current models. So, it is heavier but the tone is better.
  • 2 Seymour Duncan Alnico II Pro pickups : a little bit more dynamic than the traditional Gibson pickups. Combined with the unchambered body, this is just great, it has a lot of sustain and a deeper tone.
  • “Slash Profile” neck : right between ’50s and ’60s profiles. The Slash profile is made to optimize the access and fast playing on the higher notes.
  • Goldtop finish : Whether you like or not, the finish is perfect (the comparison with an Epiphone finish will make you understand the difference).

To really feel the power of this guitar, the tube amplifier is a must have. I played it on a Marshall JVM215C, and that’s how you really get the powerful and versatile tone of this guitar. Whether it is a marketing argument or not, this Slash LP is really different from other LPs (especially with regard to the neck).

I do have an Epiphone Les Paul Slash 2008 (Dark Tobbacco), and there is a huge difference between both, either on the finish or the neck profile. In this video, as Oasis splitted up this week-end, we played an Oasis tune. If you want to know more, don’t hesitate to ask questions.



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  1. Salut Nellio!

    Bien choisit le morceau…une séparation de groupe=une cover 😀
    Mais il manque une bagarre à coup de guitares sur la fin


  2. le choix du morceau est lié à l’actualité ou c’est un pur hasard ??
    En tout cas sympa le cover ! Good job 😉

  3. Sympa le duo ! Et je vois que ça commence à bien voter !
    Allez Nellio !

    Pensez à cliquer sur le petit coeur sous la vidéo 😉

  4. Juste bravo.

    Je ne connais pas non plus l’originale, mais quand c’est joué par quelqu’un qu’on connait c’est forcément bien 🙂

    Bonne chance pour les résultats du concours!

  5. Merci Wani pour ton message.

    Je ne peux que te conseiller d’écouter l’originale !

  6. What Oasis song is it? I’m not an Oasis fan but it sounds good.

  7. The song is Live Forever from Definitely Maybe 😉

  8. très bon cela en duo !

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