Demo of a Maholo “Les Paul” Ukulele by Flameboy

Recently, I wanted to try this little instrument, the Ukulele. Its small size and lightweight make it practical and easy to take anywhere. I had a crush on the model “Mahalo Les Paul” Black model, so I decided to share this review about this little soprano, the smaller size of ukes. The Mahalo ukuleles are made in China, which explains their very low price. I have read many reviews about this kind of ukuleles, and many say that the finishes are poor. However, the black finish of mine is clean and well done with a nice white binding. As for the sound, it sounds good, the notes are accurate, but a change of strings is necessary. According to my friend Julien, they greatly influence the sound. However it is already satisfactory as it is. I put a 10/10 without hesitation, good value for the money. My model is an electric acoustic, but I’m not yet equiped to check if the amplified sound is as good. Despite the limited knowledge I have in the ukulele field, it is an instrument that I recommend to all those who appreciate the Les Paul design, and wish to begin learning ukulele. Connoisseurs may pass their way and move towards a price range above. Here is a short video test, where you can listen to a few beginner’s riffs and see an overview of the instrument.


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