Gibson Versus PaperJamz

I wouldn’t sound like a Gibson hater which I am not but lately they seem to be giving haters ammunition to definitely shoot them!! We saw the Jimi Hendrix tribute guitar fiasco, we saw some weird artistic choices (I admit this is according to my own tastes), and we laughed at a so not revolutionary revolution… In other words, Gibson’s marketing department seems to be experimenting, and not in a very good way.

In their goal to protect their designs (and they now how to do it as Bill Nash explained it to me recently), Gibson are suing the company WooWee USA Inc that is behind the guitar inspired toys Paper Jamz (which are a sort of Guitar Hero without the screen). And voilà, yet another lawsuit against a company, and a bunch of retailers such as Wal-Mart or Amazon that no one would ever think that they could be competitors of guitars manufacturers!

So, I really wonder what’s behind all this? Are they really protecting designs and trademarks or are they aiming some big royalties for the use of their designs, and Paper Jamz sales? Are they affraid that these toys would sound much better than a Gibson beauty? Anyway, it doesn’t sound so clever to go file a lawsuit against a toymaker right in this period dedicated to the kids!! I wonder why Gibson try to be Mr Bogeyman while they should be Santa look-alike… And I say this even though I am not a fan of these particular toys!

If I were running a company named Givson I would start wetting my pants right now…

Source: Guitar News Daily

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  1. Givson? OMG..even the logo is almost the same. Talk about creativity. Well it has been done in a lot of other products, why not guitars too, no?..

  2. The Givson site & logo are quite hilarious indeed! 🙂

  3. LOl. Keep up the good work bro. If you can write like this, than I don’t think you’re a wannabe songwriter. I’m sure you can pull-off a 3 chord melody. It’s still a song 🙂

    Even if you don’t, Musicosphere still rocks. Long Live Musicospehre. Salutes!

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