Gibson SG junior 1961 & Epiphone Valve junior

Here is a little blues I improvised on my Gibson 1961 “Les Paul” SG junior (from 1961 to 1963, SGs used to have Les Paul written on the headstock). The guitar is plugged in the Epiphone Valve Junior head modified by “Rat Electronics” (Andy Ross is a tech you can find on The amp is set up on a clean sound and I used a Vox Valvetone pedal to get the overdrive sound (this is an overdrive pedal made in the 90s that is similar to a Tube Screamer).

Doc Loco


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  1. hum … va falloir que je trouve un rat à mettre dans l’ampli alors.
    ou alors pratiquer un peu plus, aussi.
    dank multo.

  2. Bon il faut tout reprendre à zéro là… 🙂

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