Gibson Revolution in Progress…

While the Gibson Revolution is unveiled – and I guess this revolution will not be televised not even in streaming – I am catching up with a lot of stuff I wanted to read. I found something in my bookmarks: the Henry Juszkiewicz’s posterous!

So, while the event at the NYC Hard Rock Café is running since 10.30 am changing the music forever as they claim, I am reading the posterous and read this post announcing a Gibson China section that is going to start soon!

This is it? Is that the Gibson Revolution? Hitting the Chinese market, and create Gibson products Made In China? Gibson strategy for 2011: one Gibson in every guitarists home? I don’t know, and I will wait until the first reports of the NYC communication!

But if it is the big news I’d say Mmmmmkay! Revolution might be an exageration… Evolution would be a better word! Plus it would be good for Gibson to do it with full disclosure: no secrets, no rumors! However I also think the purists are going to be mad!

Wait ‘n’ See…

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