Gibson Got (Illegal) Wood? The Environmental Concern.

The guitar world is overloaded with news from Gibson these days! Here is one rather controversial  revealed a few days ago… Gibson is under investigation by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service to find out whether the illegally imported and used endangered species of rosewood from Madagascar (via).  To avoid any conflict, Henry Juszkiewicz (Gibson CEO) even took a leave from the board of the Rainforest Alliance environmental group. Gibson had a lead role in urging the music instrument industry to use sustainable wood products so they are taking this seriously. They claim regular trades with regular suppliers. Fair enough, but this could be the weakness of Gibson. What if a supplier fails them.

My humble opinion:

I knew it!! I knew that some extreme fans wouldn’t forgive Gibby for the Gibson Jimi Hendrix Stratocaster fiasco… But I was not expecting some of ’em to be federal agents!! Reveeeenge!!

Joking aside, this re-opened a reflection I had in mind for a couple of months. I even wanted to share it through the blog. I didn’t yet because I didn’t want to talk up a storm or make you think I am a sort of environmental nerd extremist (I have to confess that I am not, and I hate the green-washing fashion of certain industries)

What is the impact of musical instruments manufacturing on the environment? Is there a sustainable way to do?

Promise, I will bring that topic on the blog (but I’ll have to finalize some research and articles before)… If you already have an opinion to share about this, be my guest and speak your mind in the comments below.

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