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Last week I published a review of the Heptode Deep Crunch pedal… Now, it’s the turn of the Heptode Heavy Tone. The Heavy Tone is a hi gain overdrive pedal based on the overdrive channel of the Soldano SLO-100 amplifier. You want heavy, this is heavy but in a subtle way!

Just like the Deep Crunch, the Heptode Heavy Tone  looks sober, and very solid. Both these pedals are identical regarding both criteria : well built, and easy to use.

The Heavy Tone is based on the overdrive channel of the Soldano SLO-100. So you could expect it to sound heavy which is the case !

Gain set to the minimum, the Heavy Tone provides an already high amount of gain! Basically, the minimum gain level of the Heavy Tone is approximately similar to the maximum gain level of the Deep Crunch. The Gain control knob is very efficient. It is almost like this pedal has no gain limit. The Level control is very efficient too. The pedal can sound very loud.

At low gain levels, the Heavy Tone provides the typical crunchy overdriven tones. The more you increase the gain the more it starts resembling a high gain distorsion kind of tone. And that’s what I liked about this pedal. The Heavy Tone provides edgy distorted tones. It’s heavy, very heavy but sharp. No buzz, no fuzzy sound… It’s distorted but sounds very clean!! At high levels of gain, you can still get light crunch tones with the volume knob of the guitar.

Just like the Deep Crunch, the Heavy Tone has a cabinet simulation that you can enable via the CabSim switch. The simulation tone is a little bit darker than the natural tone of the pedal.

I fell in love with the Heptode Heavy Tone overdrive. That’s the distortion tone I’ve always heard in my head, and always tried to find. You might think that it is limitative because it is a high gain pedal. That’s not the case!

Actually, the Heavy Tone is a versatile overdrive thanks to its reserve of gain, and its reactivity to the guitar volume. It is dynamic, versatile and heavy… You have got to try, and then you will undersand!! Notice that you can try a VST plugin that emulates the Heavy Tone pedal (free download on Heptode website).

Price : 189 € ($275) – More information on www.heptode.com – I tested the pedal with the Burns Cobra guitar (single coil pickups).


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