[GAS Reservoir] Airline G. Love Black & Blue by Eastwood Guitars

I think I already said it multiple times, I am a big fan of G. Love… I like his music as much as I like his tastes for guitars such as the weird vintage Crucianellli that he found in a pawn shop in Boston or his previous signature model made by Gretsch (and let’s not talk about his acoustic and resonators guitars).

His new Airline Black & Blue made by Eastwood Guitars is a step further in the world of bizarre guitars… I dig it !! As weird as it may seem, the pickups are not humbuckers but single coil pickups…

Well, you have to like weird guitars to fall for this Airline Black & Blue… But this one is definetly joining my G.A.S. reservoir (it’s a virtual reservoir of course!!)

I can’t wait to hear it play… Meanwhile, you can read the story of this guitar on Eastwood Guitars website.

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