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I don’t even want to put a more explicit title to this post! Yesterday night I was in a train, back from a totally disconnected weekend, and I was reading a guitar magazine featuring an article about the atypical career of Gary Moore.

In this article I read that Gary Moore had to sell the famous Les Paul that Peter Green offered him a long time ago. Apparently he had to do so to pay for a treatment against a hospital-acquired infection he was suffering from. As there are no more information, I don’t know if there is a relation between this infection, and the very sad news that I read a couple of hours later. How sad it was to read all these articles about Gary Moore’s death !!

I am not his biggest fan but I was just a kid in the early 90s when he released his blues albums featuring BB King, and Albert Collins… Back then I already was a huge fan of Blues music but Gary Moore opened me the door to Blues Rock!

I quickly moved to a lot of other Blues Rock musicians… I discovered his discography a little bit further… I checked from time to time what Gary Moore was doing musically speaking… But Walking By Myself or Since I Met You Baby came back very often on my stereo! Damn… He was just 58! What a sad news!




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