Gary & Eve : The Story of How Gary Clark Jr Started to Play Guitar

Gary-Clark-Jr-Eve-MonseesLast week I watched the Tale of Trigger, Willie Nelson’s guitar. After that I looked deeper into the Rolling Stone Youtube channel, and I rediscovered another 10-minutes documentary – that I’ve watched several months ago – about Gary Clark Jr.

This time it’s not about the influence of a guitar on the career of an already experimented musician. No… Here, they are talking about the influence of a person on the debut of a musician who is one of the most promising artist of the new generation of bluesmen – though it is kinda restrictive to see him just as a blues player.

For Gary Clark Jr everything started thanks to a girl but in that story, Gary didn’t grab a guitar to seduce the girl. Nope, the girl a.k.a. Eve Monsees plays the guitar and practices in her parents garage… They are still teenagers and that’s how they started their musical journey. This story is quite inspirational, so enjoy the video below Gary & Eve : How Gary Clark Jr Learned to Play

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