Gadget for Musicians: Vibrass… Not What You Would Think It Is!

vibrassThe names of some objects are sometimes wonderfully hilarious, and I don’t know if puns are intended for the following but as a matter of fact it is what retained my attention in the first place: Vibrass! Alert: Coffee flood on my keyboard!! Well, it is a Vi-Brass not a Vibr-Ass… Phonetically it allows us to understand the ultimate goal of this device. It is made to vibrate the lips of the brass instruments players.

The purpose is to massage the lips and facial muscles to increase the blood circulation thus relaxing before and after performing the brass at rehearsals and concerts.

As a matter of fact relaxing the fingers is quite easy for a guitarist or bassist… No problem at all! But when it comes to relax the lips and facial muscles that’s another deal! Well, actually I might have some suggestions on this matter… But… Meh… Nevermind… See ya!


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