Fuzz Box Girl is Going to Take Over the Effects Demos World

Last week Peter from I Heart Guitar mentioned Fuzz Box Girl first on Twitter and then on his blog. Later, Guitar Squid published a 3 pages interview of Fuzz Box Girl… And I can only predict that the guys, including me, are all going to become fans!! Yet, I’m going to rub this whole thing up the wrong way a little bit… Just because I like to do so!

  • Fuzz Box Girl makes hilarious fuzz pedals demos on Youtbe. Her videos are excellent and share some common points with those of Gearmanndude. And to be honest, that’s cool to hear a feminine voice in that dominated by males field! Enough with bearded faces with glasses, and a hat… Enough with the wanking shreddy thing!
  • Fuzz Box Girl pushes the feminine side to the extreme… The style has often something of a kawaii kind of thing, don’t know how to say it another way! She even pushes the thing to touch the most primal  instincts of males… You know that instinct that feminists all over the world are trying to shut down. Fuzz Box Girl is not afraid to push the other way with sexy pictures showing a hidden pair of boobs… Hidden by Fuzz Boxes obviously! Or she can even show that Big Muff hiding… Well, hiding a wide open crotch (I know the joke is kind of obvious, some may even say vulgar)! Anyway, Fuzz Box Girl uses sex as a brand image!
  • Fuzz Box Girl just started to make her way through the Youtube demos circuit but she already has a Fuzz Box Girl line of products  on an internet store. And obviously, the store is linked on her Youtube channel. Mugs, T-shirts,…

So, crafty as I am… And actually I was wondering about all this before I found the store… Well, I wonder if this is not a really well thought marketing operation? Well, actually I am sure that it is. Obviously this is Fuzz Box Girl’s operation in a first place. And all I can say is bravo Fuzz Box Girl. You found your spot, your unique voice, and then you have your plan to take over Youtube (and maybe more)… Sex sells, and suggesting sex sells even more!!

For those who think that this bothers me, I’ll say it loud… Not at all!! I would rather watch Fuzz Box Girl’s foot a thousand times in a row  than my bearded face that I never watch once I’ve edited my own videos… Plus her demos are really cool, anyway!

If she is not contacted by a guitar store or a magazine for a gig in the upcoming 3 months then that would just mean that they really don’t get it!! Or maybe that the dudes are not dudes anymore…

So, I know what you want… Well maybe you already left this post to check Fuzz Box Girl’s Youtube channel. I’m already a subscriber…

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