From Pushing Buttons To Plucking Strings?

There is no secret about it, I am not a fan of the Guitar Hero video game!! I just remember the unique time I played and how much I wanted to hang myself with a G string (huh)… Except the thing in my hands didn’t have any string!! Still gives me the creeps to think about this experience!! Nevertheless, the phenomenon itself is interesting and here is why…

The Guitar Hero video game was released in 2005 and since then it is more and more popular. Based on this success, the game evolved into many derived games involving new pseudo-instruments. I’m not going to talk about its influence on the music industry and how it opened up a new channel to distribute music. A lot of people already wrote about this around the web. I won’t talk about its cultural impact too, just watch TV or browse the web and you will see that it’s almost everywhere, even here… How much of an impact this is?!?

No… From the moment I heard about its success, I just had one matter of interest about the game: Will Guitar Hero induce an increase of the number of guitarists or musicians wannabe?

I guess the Gibson firm had such an interest when they were involved in the Gibson-like remotes design. I think it’s a good strategy to imprint the Gibson shape and brand into the gamers mind, so that it is likely that he will look first for a Gibby… Well, at least if the gamer wants to play actual guitar. I remember having discussions a few months back about the likeliness of this event to occur!! So, what about this evolution toward playing an actual musical instrument once you played Guitar Hero?

One month ago, a bell rang when I read that Washburn and Disney had a partnership for the upcoming release if Disney Star Suite… What the heck this is all about? Well, it is just an educational software based on the gaming part of Guitar Hero… Except that you will play it with an actual guitar!! No high-tech revolution there except colored strings… But, I think this is a step toward converting and helping gamers to move forward to play a real instrument instead of pushing buttons.


I made some research and found out that there already are other similar attempts such as  Little Big Star or Guitar Rising. No high tech revolution but these are the first attempts to link the gamers world and the musicians world… Are there just computerized teaching methods taking advantage of the video games wave? Or will they bring some upcoming evolutions? My magic 8 ball is not able to tell me more… But one thing is sure: They will have a market!!

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