Frankfurt Musikmesse 2010: Warwick / Framus – Funky Booth.

tm-stevensAhead of Musikmesse 2010 I knew that I would have to stop by Warwick / Framus booth. Not only they make some very interesting instruments but they’ve also planned some high class performances. Here is one that required my presence: TM Stevens featuring DeWayne Blackbyrd McKnight & Bootsy Collins! The funk metal bassist who played with some of the biggest stars in the business (James Brown, Steve Vai, Joe Cocker,…) featuring  the guitarist / musical director for the P-Funk & the legendary bassist for James Brown who played some of the funkiest bass lines ever! So I didn’t miss that gig. I actually ran from Gibson booth to the Warwick booth.

During that performance I discovered a fantastic female bassist: Divinity Roxx.  I have to admit that I’ve never heard of her before though she is the bassist and musical director for Suga Mama the Beyoncé’s backing band.  Though I know that most musicians who play with R’n’B stars are among the best groovers of the planet, I’ve still been surprised, and hooked by her nervous funky style!

To be followed… Some articles focused on gear… Yes they are coming soon, promise!

Video excerpts of this funky performance!


Divinity Roxx & TM Stevens

Blackbyrd McKnight & TM Stevens

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  1. Yep Yep… Il devrait y avoir plus souvent du Funk sur des salons de ce genre! C’est reposant de taper du pied en rythme sur un rythme humain 🙂

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