Frankfurt Musikmesse 2010… I’ll Start With Godin Guitars!

accreditationLess than a week now before Frankfurt Musikmesse 2010 starts, and I am totally pumped as I am going with a press accreditation! I spend at least a couple of hours a day preparing for the trip, trying to figure out what I do wanna see, who I wanna meet there? Prioritizing is necessary, and I am on the verge to fail because I wanna see it all, and meet everybody! Everything!!

So if you want to hear about something special there don’t hesitate to hit me with your requests either in the comments section below, or on Twitter (@Sarssipius) or on Facebook (, and I will try to bring you some feedback…

One thing for sure, I totally will be hanging around Godin Guitars booth because I’m seriously about to have a severe GAS attack about their latest release: Godin Session.

godinsessionrawmnBasically it has everything I am looking for when it comes to a Stratocaster-like guitar:

  • Maple fretboard.
  • 2 points tremolo.
  • Humbucker at the bridge.
  • One volume and one tone control.

Some might say: Why not considering a Fender Stratocaster? And I would answer that I am considering this option too, but I also love Godin guitars so much that it has to be on my wish-list!

So as I told you before… Don’t hesitate to hit me with your requests and I will try to help you getting feedback

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