Frankfurt Musikmesse 2010: i-Tab Demo & Interview

Several weeks ago, I posted about the i-Tab on Muzicosphere. I think that this device has the potential to replace traditional stands and to be a powerful learning tool for the singers/guitarists.

While I was at Frankfurt Musikmesse I stopped by the i-Tab booth to have a chat with the i-Tab team. As I always have 2 questions in mind, I asked them 2 questions about the i-Tab:

  • We live in a world of apps so will there be an app version of the i-Tab for iPhones and stuff like that?
  • We live in a world of sharing and crowd sourcing, so will the users be allowed to put content on the i-Tab interface, and share this content?

Andy Hirst founder & CEO of the i-Tab company answered to both questions… I have to admit I kind of like what he said because it suggests some interesting features in the future. In the following video you’ll find a quick demo of the i-Tab by Podges, and then the answers by Andy Hirst.


Sorry for the blurryness of the close-up on the screen… I think it shows the limits of the Kodak Zi8!

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