Frankfurt Musikmesse 2010: Fender & Gibson Huge Booths

The best thing about Musikmesse also turns out to be the worst. There are so many stuff to see, and hear that eventually it’s quite hard to focus on something. Yet according to Judge Fredd the Musikmesse 2010 was less impressive than previous editions because there were less exhibitors, and less people. And I do trust his judgement as he is used too such events as Musikmesse or NAMM.

After the performance of Christophe Godin at the Agora Stage, I headed toward the Hall 4 where most guitars and basses exhibitors were localized. My first targets were the two legendary leaders in the electric guitar field: Fender & Gibson. I know that I’ve said that I would start with Godin but hey… You can’t resist the legends call.

Fender never stopped being present at these events while Gibson was absent at the latest NAMM shows. Both brands had a lot of new stuff released lately so that I was thrilled to go check. But, despite the huge booths displayed there, I was a bit disappointed by both brands. So let me explain…

Fender: G-Dec amp is the star.

Fender G-Dec 3Surprisingly the highlight was put on the G-Dec amplifier that was the only item available for extensive testing at Fender booth (ok there were a couple of stratocaster and telecaster guitars to plug into it). As they were eight of them made available, it was easy to spend some time fooling around (at least before friday, and the first visitors rush).

I don’t think you need my opinion to confirm what Jeff Beck and several artists said about it… But I’m gonna give it anyway. The G-Dec is a very good practice amplifier thanks to its drum machine, and very good clean, crunch and distorted sounds. I think it is a perfect amp to quickly test ideas in different styles, and to experiment with good guitar sounds.

Fender G-Dec

Yet I was a bit disappointed by the fact that you couldn’t plug most of the electric guitar to really try them. However it was possible to take them down of the wall, and to do a quick tour of the instruments. So it was possible to check the ergonomics, if it is easy to handle, and that’s it. I guess they had to do it like that in order to be sure that the Musikmesse doesn’t turn to just a mess. Despite this little frustration, there were some very nice guitars to admire, and we all do agree that it is enjoyable.


Fender Guitars @ Musikmesse 2010Fender Guitars @ Musikmesse 2010

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Gibson: Dusk Tiger available for testing.

gibson Dusk Tiger Test DriveA lot of very nice guitars were hanging on the walls of the Gibson booth, but 99% of them were locked so that it was impossible to take them down of the wall. How disappointing this was! So, no fooling around on a Gibson guitar. Some would say that this is just what has to be expected from Gibson management… I would unfortunately agree! Actually this is not totally true as the Gibson Dusk Tiger was made available to test.

Only one Gibson is good enough, right? So, at Musikmesse 2010 it was the Gibson Dusk Tiger. As you can imagine, I gave it a try on the first day because there was plenty of time to spend on it, and not much of a crowd that day.

I’ve already said in this article about the Dusk Tiger presentation at the Hard Rock Café, I really like the aesthetics of this guitar. To me the Les Paul shape and modern finish is kind of a nice blend. As for the ergonomics, I liked the thin profile of the neck which is not cover with a thick or sticky varnish. The usability of the guitar is another story. As I’ve only spent about 25 minutes fooling around, all I can say is that it should take some time to explorer the different functions, and possibilities of the guitar. But I think everybody already knew that.

So as for Fender, a delight for the eyes should make us forget the frustration… And believe you me, Gibson booth was delightful in that respect. Here are some pictures took while wandering at Gibson booth…

Gibson Les Paul Buckethead vs Gibson Melody Maker Joan Jett

Gibson Slash Appetite For Destruction & Gibson Keb Mo Blues Master

Gibson Slash Appetite @ Musikmesse 2010 Gibson Keb Mo

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To be followed…

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