Foxy Lady Project: Actual Size Guitar Book!

Here is a book that could have been part of my Christmas gift ideas for the guitarist… Though Santa could have troubles to deliver this one through the chimney!!

Foxy Lady Project is a pictures book featuring 60 legendary guitars! Nothing new there, we’ve already seen loads of books featuring even more guitars. Yeah, right! But this book features actual size guitars pics. Yeah, Foxy Lady Project is 47 centimters wide, and above 1 meter height!!

I guess this won’t be easy to put it in your shelf because of these dimensions, and its 6.5 kilograms! It won’t be easy to put it in your back pack neither! But if you want to fully enjoy the pictures of these 60 guitars then I guess this book will be unbeatable! Obviously it will features lot of Gibson & Fender guitars but also Airline, Gretsch, Ampeg, D’Angelico, D’Aquisto, Dobro, Ibanez, Eko, Epiphone,… Maxime Ruiz & Christian Séguret are set to launch what looks like a real guitar enthusiasts project, and slightly crazy too!

I love their tagline: “This book is a “too much” object: too big, too weird, too beautiful“… Let’s hope it won’t be to expensive either*!! They are set to launch a limited edition of 335 copies with a serial number in the first place. You can visit the Foxy Lady Project website if you want to know more about the book (website is in French though but worth looking), the making of,…


* A-wai was obviously more awake than I was: the first 3 copies will be auction, the 27 following copies will be sold at 1300€ and the 305 left copies of the limited edition will cost.

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