For the LOL of God – Home Studio Chronicles – Episode 005

I have to admit it. I often think that I play guitar so bad that my home studio accessories are probably laughing out loud as soon as I’m looking elsewhere !

I never tried to play Steve Vai’s For the Love of God. Well, I just tried to learn the intro / main theme of the tune. But I can imagine the scene above if I ever try to play it once. Tell me about a nightmare !

And you, do you have a tune that puts you in a cold sweat ? You know… That kind of tune that you would never play in public because it will threaten any life form or object in the vicinity ?

About Duocaster

Writes stuff. Draws a lot. Brings objects to life and humanizes them. And then makes them say all sort of stupid things... And it makes him laugh!


  1. Wow, that’s…just not funny at all.

  2. Ok… If you say so.

  3. Very lol one! ^^

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