Your Guitar ID on db Twang Files?

db TwangHere is a website I wanted to tell about for a long a time now. The idea behind db Twang is plain simple yet brilliant. Actually it is so brilliant that I even regret that it was not mine!! The db Twang website allows us guitar geeks to post photos of our guitars, and to fill in a detailed id file of every instrument posted. You might say that it is just another website to brag how wonderful is your collection of axes but that would be missing the interesting point there.

Indeed the most interesting aspect of db Twang relies in the amount, and the quality of the informations that you provide about your guitar(s) in their id files. Every user of the website can see the pictures, and access the information shared. In case your guitar is stolen then you’ll just have to declare that it was stolen. Then members of the db Twang community will be aware, and then they might help you to find your guitar either on a pawnshop or on sales sections of website (or ebay if the robber is dumb enough to put it to auction there). Every week the db Twang team publish a post on the db Twang blog about stolen guitars featured on the site.

Beyond this practical use of the site, you can also find guitars in the database. This could be useful to find people having the same gear as you do for example or people having a guitar that is of interest to you. This can help you connect with them in order to share and/or ask specific questions about the gear. You can also follow guitars the same way you do with people on twitter for example… But I have to admit I don’t clearly see the usefulness of this feature yet!

Anyway, I also admit that I love this db Twang website because watching guitar pics is still a healthy occupation! So no wonder why I recommend you to check this out. I think the more users it will have the more useful it will be.

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