Fender Musical Instruments Corporation to End Hamer Guitars Production

Hamer-Guitar-HeadstockSad news from Fender that decided to cease production of Hamer Guitars after fulfilling the last custom orders of the brand.

Fender Musical Instruments Corporation (FMIC) owns several guitar brands such as Jackson, Charvel, Guild, EVH and back in 2008 they acquired Hamer as well as Ovation, Takamine and Gretsch via the Kaman Music group acquisition.

2012… A debt of $257m and a failed IPO later (check this article about the topic at Guitarsite.) !

Hamer Guitars is the first victim of Fender’s attempt to reach healthier finances… Apparently !

I am surprized to see Hamer Guitars being the first sacrifice. After all the brand’s history is quite significant and their gibson-esque catalogue is interesting in terms of competition. Yet, Fender claims that Hamer’s sales have been declining for a long period. They also say “should the market dictate the need for Hamer instruments, it will be considered“. I doubt the market will ask for Hamer guitars if no one operates the brand anymore…

What brand Fender will close down next ? After all, Jackson and Charvel guitars are quite redundant in Fender’s catalogue…

Anyway, it seems that FMIC board have decided the strategy to rescue Fender and prevent the collapse… Sacrificing brands under Fender instead of cleaning / clearing up the messy and disturbing catalogue !

Time will tell if they are right…


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  1. I can’t say that I was surprised by this news when I first heard it. Fender’s management has made a lot of poor decisions in the past 10 years. Hopefully, Fender will do better in the future without the Hamer line.

  2. bloody damn! right now i just fell in love with Hamer guitars (and more precisely,some hamer basses) i jyust discover THEY QUIT THEM?

    i feel a mourn incoming 🙁

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