Fender Celebrates the 60 Years of the Telecaster with a Video

After the documentary about the Cry Baby Wah Wah pedal, here is another branded content video to celebrate another legend that was born in the ’50s  this time.  A couple of days ago Fender uploaded a 6 minutes video featuring many guests who tell us why they love the Telecaster.

Though the Telecaster I have at home for a few weeks is a Rittenhouse, and not a Fender, I still find a lot of things in what they say that reminds me why I love the Telecaster! Too bad Fender didn’t realize a longer than 6 minutes video to tell us more about it… This would have been cool!


Bonus… Here is a video from last year with a bunch of highly respectable guests as Steve Cropper, Wilko Johnson, Keith Richards or Richie Kotzen (and many more).


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