Fender Blacktop Series: Variations on a Theme

Fender Blacktop Series guitars were announced a couple of days ago, and this series seems to be made to bring the brand more into the humbuckers world. As I am a big fan of big fat humbuckers (though I also like single coil pickups from time to time) I think this is a good news!

Of course this is not the first time that Fender put humbuckers pickups on their guitars, and many inspired by Fender guitars out there are already exploring that world. But many guitar players still associate the Fender sound with single coil pickups sound, and they’re far from being wrong. I guess this is one of the advantages of being a big brand with a strong identity : sometimes they can jump the fence, and legitimately propose some variations on the legend! Though the hardcore fans could be angry!

As if they had surveyed my tastes before producing these guitars, the Blacktop series offer almost everything I like about Fender guitars with improvements on what I don’t like about them. All of this makes me think that my next G.A.S. could be for one of these guitars:

  • I do like pickups with a high output level… No problema… They have them equipped with high-gain humbuckers (luckily passive pickups).
  • I do like maple fingerboards (though weirdly enough I only have rosewood necks right now!!)The Blacktop series guitars come either with a maple or rosewood fingerboard.
  • I often don’t the sound of the single bridge pickup… Bingo! They’ve put some big fat Duncan Designed humbuckers at the bridge.
  • I am a huge fan of the Jazzmaster/Jaguar shape… So I am curious to hear the Sonic Youth-esque configuration (humbucker at the bridge, and  Jazzmaster  single coil pickup at the bridge or humbucker on the Jaguar)!

Dammit… A GAS alert might be sent soon enough, I’m telling ya! Though these guitars will be available in different finishes, I have to say that I am already a fan of the black versions! Classy! And last but not the least, the price announced is quite attractive: US$ 699!

For more information about these models, go check Fender.com

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