Evertune: Video of the Stable Tuning Bridge.


You may remember this remarkable invention I posted about last January. If you don’t let me reintroduce you the Evertune for those seeking the holy grail of a stable guitar tuning.

Evertune published a video showing how the bridge works, how to tune the guitar, how to set it up, etc…

First surprise is that I might misunderstood part of the concept the first time. I thought they were saying that it required a cavity on the back of the guitar.  Apparently it doesn’t as everything happens in the bridge. I remember wondering why it would require a back cavity when I wrote my first evertune post… So apparently it doesn’t.

The second surprise isn’t really a surprise… It seems a bit tricky to set it up correctly the first time (especially when it come to the bends adjustment) yet I think that once you get used to it.


The questions that remain, but I think I’ll send them an email later…

  • TIs the bridge showed in the video is the actual Evertune bridge? (From what I saw it looked a bit different)
  • How will they manage to fit this bridge on trem guitars?

More news when I’ll get the answers…

More information at Evertune.com.

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