Yet Another Shovel Guitar by Shovelman: Slide Edition


A couple of days ago, I’ve digged so deep that I’ve found about this wonderful shovel guitar, and I thought to myself: “this could be an awesome instrument to play some rootsy slide blues!” I couldn’t be more right… Shovels are the fashionable tool of this autumn to come! Here is Shovelman who plays some bluesy slide tunes on a heavily customized shovel guitar! And look at the size of this shovel!

It is bluesy… It is cool… It sounds great! What else would you want to enjoy this sunny sunday?


And here is a home-made video of Isaac Frankle (Shovelman’s real name) playing his shovel guitar through a looper, and some effects… The name of the tune:  Excavating the Future.


Shovelman on Myspace

via @TrueFireTV

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