[Review] Sanyo Pedal Juice

A couple of weeks ago I’ve received the Sanyo Eneloop Pedal Juice that I wrote about several months ago on the blog. Back then I found the idea of a 9V rechargeable battery quite clever to power effects pedals. Plus the plug ‘n’ play aspect, and the 50 hours autonomy were quite appealing.

Over the years I had several effects pedals but as the home-studio player I’ve mostly became (I’m trying hard to change this!), well I’ve kinda gave up on single effects pedals to use the more convenient modeling unit solution (Vox). However I still use separate effects, and to be honest I am spending more time on the actual amplifier lately (as a side effect of the guitar reviews I do for Guitare Live).

So I tried the Sanyo Pedal Juice during 3 weeks to power up a delay pedal (Garage Tone Axle Grease), and my verdict is clear enough: this battery is perfect!

  • Charging : Fast i.e. it took 2/3 hours to make it operational. The top LED blinks during the whole charging process, and it shuts down once the battery is fully charged. When playing, the same LED indicates the power level : green (battery full), orange (intermediate power level), and red (almost empty i.e. less than 30%).
  • Autonomy : I didn’t have to charge the battery during the 3 weeks under test (used it daily during 30′ up to 1h every day).
  • Practical: The format is perfect to make it fit in a pedalboard (more or less the size of a Boss effect). The power on button est well thought as it requires to press it for a few seconds to shut down the battery. So you won’t shut it down by accident with your foot.

By default you can power up 2 pedals via the 2 outputs with the included cables. But it is possible to power up more pedals by adding a daisy chain cable (not included). I didn’t try that option because I didn’t have more pedals available to do so.

I don’t know if it is already distributed out of the U.S.A. but here is an Important thing for non-U.S. users. If you plan to buy one bare in mind that you might need an adapter to plug your battery in order to charge it. I had a travel plug adapter for several years, and I used it to plug the Sanyo Pedal Juice: no bad surprise whatsoever. It works well.

The Sanyo Pedal Juice retails at 150$ which might seem a bit expensive. But think autonomy, practical aspect, and saving the cost of individual alkaline batteries then it would look as a much better deal. Anyway, I’m keeping mine because as said above I’m considering getting my hands on a couple of pedals to use with the amp.

For detailed information about the specs of the Pedal Juice, check Sanyo website.

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