Quick Testing of the Fender Jaguar Kurt Cobain Signature (Video & Impressions)

The 20th anniversary of Nirvana’s album Nevermind is buzzing for several weeks now… Fender caught the buzz with a posthumous tribute to Kurt Cobain. They made an exact replica of the guitarist’s 1965 Jaguar that he bought back in 1991.

To celebrate the launch of the Jaguar Kurt Cobain signature guitar, Fender invited the media to a party in a cosy bar in Paris. And I was there thanks to Guitariste.com. We saw 3 mini gigs from French bands who paid tribute to Nirvana while we were enjoying the open bar… But, above all I had the chance to put my hands on the Jaguar Kurt obain signature for a too short hour time…

Here are my impressions about the guitar (I say impressions rather than review because it was too short to take a deep approach of the review)…

Video of the Fender Jaguar Kurt Cobain Signature

Before the blah blah (below the video), here is the video we shot yesterday… Believe it was hard to do it so fast, I’m no Andy from ProGuitarShop… I need more time to get some mojo under my fingers… And sometimes I don’t even find it!

Thanks to Jacques Carbonneaux from laguitare.com for shooting, and editing the video, and thanks to Stéphane Grangier who shot some very cool pictures (And believe me he is talented.. He made me look awesome! Check his website for more of his work)


Impressions about the Fender Jaguar Kurt Cobain Signature

  • The relic finish is excellent, and realistic. Luthiers from Fender Mexico are now experts of Road Worn finishes. It almost feels like this Jaguar could have been Cobain’s actual guitar.
  • In terms of lutherie, and ergonomics, this is a standard Jaguar… Light guitar. Very comfortable. But it has the intrinsic imperfections of a Jaguar (position of the volume, and tone knobs for example)
  • The C neck profile, and the thin varnish behind the neck make it a very playable guitar. I’m not a shredder, you’d know it if I were, but considering its playability I guess that this guitar could suit the most acrobatic guitar players.
  • The humbuckers combination, Di Marzio DP 100 Super Distorsion at the bridge, and PAF DP-103 at the neck is very balanced. The pickups are complementary.
    • The Di Marzio Super Distorsion : Biting tone but not too aggressive. On the clean channel it crunches very easily.
    • The Di Marzio PAF DP 103 : Warm, and round tone. This is more obvious with distorted sounds than with clean tones. However I didn’t have much time to fool around with the amp settings so maybe it could be warmer.

The modified wiring of the original Cobain’s Jaguar has been replicated on the Jaguar Kurt Cobain signature. The Lead circuit controls both pick-ups via a 3-way toggle switch, 2 independent volume knobs, and a master tone knob. The Rhythm circuit is engaged with the switch above the pickups. It only controls the neck pickup via one volume, and one tone wheel.

  • Lead circuit : The 2 independent volume knobs allow a lot of tone nuances in a very classic way.
  • Rhythm circuit: It allows much more nuances on the neck pickup. For example you can set two kind of tones, one rhythm oriented, and the second lead oriented, and then switch between both on the fly.
  • As it is not a standard wiring, it requires a short learning time to get it.

These were my impressions about this guitar as I didn’t have the time to deepen the exploration… Actually, I just had the time to start thinking about how the hell could I save enough to be able to afford the Jaguar Kurt Cobain signature guitar. Yes, I really liked it! It is announced at a 1200 € retail price. Yeah… I really liked this guitar… I think it suits me well, right?

If you have questions about the Fender Jaguar Kurt Cobain Signature guitar, I’ll be glad to answer you the best I could!

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  1. meth conqueror

    I see that in some ebay ads this guitar could have been ordered, but it stated that it was made in japan not mexico. If it were made in USA I would have more respect for it. I’m not sure where exactly these are being made or crafted???

  2. Fender says it’s made in Mexico.

  3. Hi, this guitar have 10.52 strings? or 09-42 ?
    Thanks, i need this info!

  4. The strings gauge is 10-46

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