[Test] mySongBook the New Service from Arobas Music

Everyone knows the Guitar Pro software to edit, and read guitar scores. If you don’t, you should have a look. Guitar Pro’s publisher Arobas Music recently launched mySongBook, a new service derived from the Guitar Pro concept.

MySongBook is a legal digital music scores library for guitar, banjo, and ukulele.  Each music sheet is available for  0,99€, 1,99€ or 2,99 € depending on the complexity, and the number of transcribed instruments. Music scores are accessible via Guitar Pro 6 or via mySongBook free player.

The biggest advantage of mySongBook over Guitar Pro? The music scores are written by professional guitarists who are paid to transcribe the scores. So, the scores are guaranteed to be way more accurate than most of the Guitar Pro scores that you can find elsewhere. As a matter of fact, I tried a couple of scores, and they seemed very accurate.

The interface of mySongBook player is clean, and very intuitive to browse through to search for guitar scores. Once you have spotted a score that you want, you can hear it and watch a 30 seconds excerpt before buying. The score is then recorded on your account, and you can then use it at its full potential.

The screen of the player is divided in two parts :

  • The upper screen displays the score.
  • The lower screen displays the different tracks.

The player has pretty much the basic functions of Guitar Pro. When you select a track, it automatically displays the score in the upper screen. You can mute any track, solo any track, change the volume, pan, change the tempo, etc…

The soundbanks are okay though they don’t sound as real instruments… But this is not the aime of mySongBook. After all, this is a music scores reader not a virtual instrument, right? Anyway, you can still mute all the guitar tracks to end up with a  quite realistic drums, and bass backing track to practice.

So far, mySongBook library has a collection of about 240 guitar scores but it is expanding at a rate of 3 or 4 additional scores per day. It may look slow but I want to remind you that this is a legal service so Arobas Music has to negotiate the rights before publishing the scores.

You can download the free mySongBook player for Windows, OS X & Linux.

Good news is that I have a giveaway for you : 20 mySongBook guitar scores to win.

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