Guitar Picks Review : Dava Control & Dava Grip Tip

Last sunday I was at a private salon organised by French distributor High Tech Distribution (Vigier, Orange, Schecter, Rocktron, etc…) for their dealers… The guitar press was invited too, and thanks to Guitare Live chief editor I was on the guest list. On this occasion I finally had the chance to see Gnô performing live (Gnô is the Christophe Godin‘s metal band that I really recommend you to check). That night, Gnô also jammed with Pascal Mulot, Aymeric Silvert, Youri De Groote et Patrick Rondat ! It was what I can only call a good music evening…

At this salon, I also received 2 Dava Guitar Picks that has a very interesting conception : Dava Control Nylon & Dava Grip Tip  Delrin. I am a long time user of the Dunlop Big Stubby 1.0 mm but from time to time I like to try different kind of guitar picks.

The specificity of the Dava Guitar Picks is their heavy gauge tip combined with a flexible, and textured center section. The flexibility allows to change the dynamics of the attacks on the strings, and the texture allows a solid grip on the pick. To me, the main interest of these picks is the following : I don’t like light gauge guitar picks that’s why I use the Stubby 1.0mm (or even 2.0mm from time to time) but I often play rhythmic stuff in a funky kinda way. And there is no miracle, the heavy gauge guitar picks are not made for this. To do it you have to radically change your attack on the strings to be less agressive.

The advantage of the Dava Guitar Picks is to allow you to stick with a heavy gauge tip while you get the lighter gauge of their center section. So, it is really useful for the funky rhythms that I dig because I can keep the hard part of the sound (due to the tip) while being less agressive, and more regular (“even” should be a better word I guess). And the best part is that I don’t need to change my attack on the strings. It all happens at the level of the guitar pick by releasing the fingers pressure on the center part of the pick. And to get a heavier tone all I got to do is to grip the tip of the pick. I don’t know if I’ll adopt the Dava guitar picks yet but after 2 days of trial I can already say that these are good.

The Dava Control Nylon pick, which was the first model produced by Dava Guitar Picks, seems better for the electric guitar. The textured part allows a very good grip, and I didn’t notice a radical tone variation compared to the 1.0mm Stubby. I am not sure to adopt this pick but I am still giving it a try for a couple of weeks…

The Dava Grip Tip Delrin pick seems to be more adapted to the acoustic guitar. The rubber center section is smooth but you can have a good grip on it. Actually it is as good as the textured Dava Control. The center section is also more flexible which makes it very adapted to strumming on the acoustic guitar. Most of the time I play fingerstyle on the acoustic guitar but I think that the Dava Grip Tip will fit naturally in my folk guitar sessions…

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  1. Yep… Je vais peut-être d’ailleurs m’en prendre une pour tester les autres médiators de leur gamme. 🙂

  2. For music fans and guitar fanatics out there, this is good news. It is lovely to know that there is no stopping the innovations in the industry nowadays. For a guitar player, guitar picks are important tools in playing and having more improved picks is definitely welcome.

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