Eleven Rack: Cool Gear & Wrong Social Media Practice?

Every week we are flooded with tons of information about new gear, old gear, used gear, and accessories too. A lot of these are cool stuff that we would check out one day or another but it is hard for the gear maniacs to see everything. And it is even harder for brands to catch eyeballs to focus on their products. For those who are following the evolution of the web there is no mystery about the modern El Dorado: social media presence. Brands are fighting their way to engage with their (potential) customers. Musical instruments brands are following the movement now but not every one is doing it right… I think!

A couple of days ago I had a twitter reply from nowhere by @ElevenRackUsers inviting me to watch a video that will make me cry about my guitar effects. That’s more or less what I understood with that tweet. I am weak sometimes then I clicked.


As a matter of fact I guess my guitar effects could do pretty much the same thing, but I’m not so sure about the guitarist. Let’s face it… Shanka is a hell of guitarist! For the non French readers Shanka aka François Maigret is a French guitarist with the band No One Is Innocent, and he also is involved in teaching, and demoing for magazines. Anyway, the video is cool and awesome funny. The Eleven Rack unit seems to be cool too, and to say the least I would be glad to try it. They caught my eyeballs though I’m not following them on twitter yet. I’m even writing a post about them!

So why am I saying that it all looks like a case of bad social media practice there? Actually I think I should say that it is a misleading practice rather than bad. 

What I am trying to point there is that there is a fine line between the “engaging the conversation” leitmotiv, and being spammy. At the end of the video they are inviting us to join the conversation? But what conversation?

For sure the Eleven Rack Users twitter timeline is made of replies to @twittolambda but these are not real replies to any question at all. This is just broadcasting the same video again, and again. For sure I think they’ve made their homework, and they are throwing the message to guitarists only. But that’s it… They are throwing it! And doing that they are kinda missing the whole point of Twitter.

Even the name of the Twitter account is a bit confusing, let me clear this out. The device is Eleven Rack but the twitter account is Eleven Rack Users suggesting that this twitter timeline is the voice of actual Eleven Rack users. I think this is misleading. It would have been a good name for a Facebook fan page, or a forum where actual users can directly speak their minds out in this dedicated space. By checking such a page or website, you’ll get actual users voice. This is not the same thing on Twitter where your timeline is yours. Indeed it is possible to use it to relay the users tweets by retweeting them but then this is not the same interaction as the account manager will act like a filter. Funniest thing is that they apparently opened a first account named Eleven Rack but never used it.

I did a research on Facebook, and I couldn’t find an Eleven Rack Users fan page except a Facebook community page named Eleven Rack. It apparently has nothing to do with an official Eleven Rack page nor any other Avid brands pages. Well I don’t think that a brand should have a dedicated page for every single product they make though it would make some sense. It would even make more sense if they named it Eleven Rack Users because then we would have the voice of the users community speaking out loud.

Well I think this is it for now. I wanted to post about this topic because I still think the Eleven Rack device is cool, and the video is great, and catchy. But a little bit of consistency in the social media strategy to match the awesomeness of the device couldn’t be harmful.

Anyway, just because the device seems to be good let’s watch the video…


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