Eigenzone: Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Eigenharp…

I’ve already mentionned several times the Eigenharp made by Eigenlabs, and I even tried one at the Frankfurt Musikmesse 2010. My short 10 minutes run on the Eigenharp Alpha was far from being the most exciting music piece ever yet it allowed me to measure how huge is the potential of this crazy musical instrument. Those who are curious, and would know much more about it  will find the following resource very interesting, and useful: Eigenzone.

I’ve found this website via the comments on the blog but I was already aware of Geert Bevin’s Eigenharp video demos. I think Geert could be one the early early adopters of the Eigenharp, and he founded this Eigenzone website where he publishes video demos, and reviews (Eigenharp Alpha), and many more resources about the instrument. You will find tutorials, interviews, a community wiki, etc… Damn, here it comes again… wait… here it is… “I want an Eigenhaaaarp!!”

I’m so predictable! See ya around…

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  1. Merci pour ton article, c’est super sympa!

  2. Héhé tu ne m’as même pas laissé le temps de te prévenir par mail! 🙂
    Des sites ressources comme ça font toujours plaisir à voir, et à présenter…

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