Effects Land Graveyard – Home Studio Chronicles – Episode 002

We all have that sort of box somewhere. You know, a box that contains many relics of our history as a guitar player? I bet that Bob Telneck, Jack (the cousin of Jacky from the Home Studio Chronicles Episode 1) and Billy Ze Pick are going to have some nightmares after finding this box!!

Last week I was reading about a non-profit organization specialized in recycling guitar strings. Since then I’m thinking a lot about recycling. And you, what do you do with your effects graveyard? Do you use spare parts to repair other accessories? Do you use them for DIY projects? Do you plan to create a relics museum? Do you trash them?Do you give them?

* If you are intrigued by the title of this episode… Well, let’s just say that it is an awkward attempt to translate a word play from a language to another!

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Writes stuff. Draws a lot. Brings objects to life and humanizes them. And then makes them say all sort of stupid things… And it makes him laugh!

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  1. OMG!!! The others!

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