Effects Pedals Durability: Source Audio FX & the Car Test!

Source Audio Soundblox Pro Bass DistorsionIt’s been a couple of months that I’m watching the boutique effects made by Source Audio FX because I think that is some cool gear there. But I’ll tell you about them later because lately I was kind of very busy with some side projects so that I barely had the time to write a couple of lines. Yet I wanted to share this hilarious video.

It is now a classic kind of video… You wanna prove that your product is tough? Then put it through the harshest treatment possible! If you follow the tech world news this is so classic that you can’t even count the number of iPhones, iPads, and stuff that went through the worst treatments. Apparently they had some feedback at Source Audio saying that their pedals can’t take the road because they are plastic!

So they put one of their Source Audio FX pedal on the road, and they ran a car over it! Proof of durability! Not even a single sound cut, and apparently the switchs (weakness of most effects pedals) didn’t suffer at all! I’m waiting for the Hummer test before I definitely conclude that Source Audio effects are solid enough! Yeah I know… I’m always expecting more!


If you want to know more about these effects go check Source Audio website.

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