Drumkit For The Geeks

Every drummer has been, at least once, jealous of his fellow guitarist … Don’t deny it  my favorite rookie drumming boy!! I watched you… I monitored your behavior… It is particularly obvious when your fellow guitarist takes his guitar during a party and play it to catch the attention of the gals!! I know that you want to be part of this huge serenade, but whatever you do, you just can’t have your drums with you!! And let’s face it… Djembe is a pain in the ass!!
Well, luckily Think Geek is here to provide you the ultimate solution… Here is the Drumming T-shirt…


From now on, you also will annoy all the chicks, and make happy all the non-geeks who will collect these gals you will push to them!!
One little advice though: If you are a heavy metal drummer beware of bruzzes.
Anyway, I think that this gizmo is the cheapest drum machine available… I love when companies provide such useless objects… So useless that you want to have them!

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