DiMarzio Solderless Pickguards for Guitar & Bass

A couple of years ago I used to customize my guitars in order to improve some aesthetics aspects (not always a success though) but also in order to improve the tone of the instruments. As I don’t have bat ears i.e. I only hear sounds within the audible spectrum of an average human (and also considering that I had a little loss too over the years), well I’ve never attempted to change capacitors for example. What I used to do was to change the pickups which is the most obvious change you would make to achieve such improvement.  This is not rocket science nor a very subtle manipulation except when you somehow manage to be a solder iron doofus which I am, and always will be I guess. I’ve always managed to achieve my DIY attempts but my fingers got burned several times.

One question I had back in those days came back to me recently while watching the following videos: why the hell pickups manufacturers don’t make more solderless pickups systems? Pin systems or bonding lug systems wouldn’t severely increase the cost of such pickups I guess?

Anyway DiMarzio make such solderless pickups systems into a pickguard, and needless to say that they seem to ease the process of pickups replacement. In the videos below you will see how to install solderless DiMarzio pickguards on a Stratocaster guitar, and a Precision bass.  OK… You’ll still have to handle sharp and cutting tools but hey, life without risks isn’t funny at all, right?

DiMarzio is not the only pickups manufacturer to make such pickups. For instance EMG does to. Some Dan Armstrong guitars also have permutable pickups though the system is not exactly the same. If you now more of these solderless pickups be my guest, and share your tips in the comments below.

And now the videos… How to install a solderless DiMarzio pickguard on a Stratocaster, and the same with a Precision bass.




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