Digitech iStomp & Digitech Stomp Shop : Are They Doing it Right?

The NAMM Show is bringing a lot of gear news… It was obvious from the beginning that this year’s NAMM would bring a lot of smartphone, and tablets applications for guitarists. Or should I say iPhone, and iPad apps ? But there is also a lot of hardware developped to work along with an iPhone or an iPad as the centrepiece of the guitarist’s tone.

One of the most surprising is the iStomp Digitech pedal… Right, a stompbox that can be programmed via an iPhone!

On one hand we have the iStomp pedal which will cost $229, and on the other hand there is an iPhone application, the Digitech Stomp Shop, where you can buy effects for $4.99 each except the first one that will cost you $0.99 (notice that you will be allowed to test the effect for 10 minutes before buying).

And her is the thing that’s bothering me…

  • Why would they do that to work only on iOS ?
  • Why would they make a pedal that can stock only one model at a time ?
  • Who would pay $229 + $5 each effect when a similar product such as the M5 already has a 100 effects inside for pretty much the same price ?

There is something wrong, right ??

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  1. I totally agree with you about the iStomp. The only theory I have is that this is a backwards marketing gateway strategy to Digitech’s iPB-10/Nexus products. When I see the iStomp, I start thinking about all the things it should really do, which leads me to their iPad system. So iStomp is a gateway “drug”, so to speak…

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