Two New Guitar TVs : Guitar Shop TV & Guitar TV

Every niche has its web TVs in this day, and age… These are not the first websites dedicated to video & guitar but I think we will see more of these websites in a near future all around the web. Those two caught my attention because they are recent, and each one has its own specificity.

Guitar Shop TV : A Businessman & a Guitar Enthusiast !

This web TV was created by Brian Lippey, who happens to be a finance guy who also passionate about guitar. Apparently he decided to use his businessman skills to serve the guitar community worldwide. The name Guitar Shop clearly indicates the focus of this guitar web TV… Here is an interview of Brian Lippey speaking about hat was still a project in may 2010.

You can already find a lot of content embedded from video platforms but the first episode of this web TV (i.e. exclusive content) was published on April, 30. I let you discover this episode on Guitar Shop TV. Let’s wish them all the best with this web TV for the guitar addicts.

Guitar TV : Steve Vai’s web TV !

This web TV is not officially launched yet but you can discover the beta version already… I guess that this Guitar TV could be a success among the guitar aficionados as it was created, and it is directed by Steve Vai.

The Guitar TV team seems to be willing to provide exclusive content as well as broadcasting contents from anywhere. You can subscribe to access the beta version of Guitar TV or wait until tomorrow which will be the official launch day for Steve Vai’s web TV.

I guess that the focus of Guitar TV will be slightly different from the Guitar Shop TV focus. I certainly hope there will be different…

Speaking about video content… I’m going back to my own videos ! I have a lot of guitars to test, and then film. The video reviews will be soon published here…

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I am the founder of Muzicosphere (that also exists in a French version). In 2011, I also created Guitar Fail, the Guitar LOL place to be. And before that I created GAS a GoGo, a gear giveaways blog in French.

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  1. Hi Sem,

    Thanks for the writeup! We’re officially launching tomorrow (Tuesday, May 10) at 12pm PST from Musicians Institute in Hollywood, CA. The entire event will be broadcast live on, so let this serve as my personal invitation for you all to join us.

    Congrats as well to GuitarShopTV. Brian Lippey is well-respected in the entertainment business, and it’s awesome to see him follow his passion. He’s produced some excellent content with the site, and we’d love to see his work as a featured channel on GuitarTV.

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