Guitar Design : Nicole Instruments

Nicole Instruments is a brand name that will caught your attention whatever you may say. Lionel Nicole is the founder of Nicole Instruments that builds these guitars made in France. Lionel Nicole is also a guitarist, and professional designer.

Look his guitars, and you can tell that he is a designer at first sight. Lionel Nicole builds his guitar with a fairly unknown material : Corian. The Corian is a synthetic material invented during the 1960s by DuPont de Nemours engineers.

Apparently, the Corian can be crafted just like wood. I don’t know if it has similar acoustic properties though. However I like the idea that this is an environment friendly material.

Nicole Instruments build guitars, basses, and drums series. The guitars are quite nice to see, and I like their design. These are clean design including standard elements from guitars, and less standard elements (Kaosspad, LED,…). As for their retail price, let’s say they won’t be affordable by everyone of us. Especially if you are looking for something more elaborated than the “Immaculate” model for example (which is affordable). Nicoles Instruments series are all customizable.

Check them at Nicole Instruments.

Here is a video of Ange’s guitarist Hassan Hadji playing the Evolution model…


And another video featuring the Diablo model with Kaosspad played by Jean-Philippe Brechon…


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